Belter is a term used to refer to persons born in The Belt. They are an oppressed and mistrusted working class that provide many goods for Earth and Mars through the mining and other work facilities built on the asteroids.

Humans born to the Belt are taller and thinner than those on Earth and Mars because of the decreased gravity. As a result of these physical differences, Belters are dehumanized by many Earth and Mars residents because they superficially seem to be a deviation from the species norms of humans.

Belters also will often use non-verbal gestures to speak due being used to communicating while in space suits, should something happen to the communication system.

Due to the effects on the human body in low gravity, Belters have great difficulty in completing normal, healthy pregnancies. Abdominal and uterine muscles atrophy from underuse, rendering labor a very lengthy, painful, and dangerous process. When possible, Belter women will relocate to Ceres Station where the spin gravity allows a more predictable pregnancy and delivery.


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