Mars has the second largest population in the solar system with over 4 Billion people. Originally a colony of Earth — made up of Chinese, East Indian, and Texan settlers — about three generations after the first colonists dug in to the rock and soil, making Mars humanity‚Äôs second home, Mars is now the leader in environmental science and research as well as the largest innovator in the space flight industry.


Mars was originally an Earth colony, but settlers soon began lobbying for secession. This internal strife almost ignited a war between the two planets. Earth’s United Nation’s passed legislature stipulating that all further ship construction would be contracted out through the Van Buren Naval Shipyard. Mars ignored this. When it became apparent that Mars had no intention of following this edict, Earth demanded that Mars cease all ship production until an inspection team could be sent out. Mars ignored this as well. War would have been followed shortly if it weren’t for an accidental invention by Solomon Epstein that changed how ships would be built from then on.

The E-Drive allowed ships to traverse space much faster and with greater efficiency than ever before. Mars offered Earth this technology in return for Martian sovereignty. The UN accepted, knowing that with the superior mobility of this drive that Earth would be crushed if a conflict were to occur.


The Martian Congressional Republic is the governing body of Mars.


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